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Risky behavior "Spine" without knowing
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We may not see the slotxo importance of "Spine" and may begin to pay attention only when we begin to have back pain spreading to the neck until the end of the disease. Requiring treatment From taking medicine to surgery
We may be unknowingly hurting our spine every day. I realized it again and then went to the hospital. Doing physical therapy for a long time and then hurry and check before it's too late. Sanook Health had the opportunity to interview via email with Dr. Sitthipong Suthudom, neurosurgeon. Head of the spine center Nakornthon Hospital In collaboration with Bumrungrad Health Network to provide knowledge on spinal injury risk behavior without knowing. Including how to prevent and treat diseases related to the bone after each other in detail

How to reduce the risk of injury "Spine" for those who have to "sit - stand" for a long time
The risky behavior injures the "spine" without knowing it.
Incorrect posture or posture, such as sitting and working in a back-bent position for a long time Bent down to lift objects off the floor without bending your knees. Sit and work with a table and chair that are not compatible with your body. Tilt the neck, talk on the phone for a long time, work / play on the computer for a long time. Sleep on your stomach regularly Or raise the neck to work continuously for a long time, etc.

Psychological stress May be caused by work Economic problems, family, insufficient rest, etc., which causes the neck muscles to contract for abnormally long Have pain in the neck and head in the occiput

Neck accident This causes the neck to move rapidly. The ligaments or muscles need to be stretched so much that they tear. Pain and muscle spasms causing awkward movement Or if there is a serious accident, there may be a fracture or a mobile collar.

Other causes such as congenital cervical dysplasia, abnormal vision, diseases of internal organs that can cause pain down the back, such as nephrotic syndrome, ovarian and uterine disease. Abdominal aneurysm disease Or the spread of cancer to the spine, etc.
Back pain that should be treated
Pain, stiffness, or dullness around the neck May fracture to the shoulder, shoulder, or arm

In some cases, there may be weakness with numbness.

Less neck movement

Pain in the lower back Or there may be pain in the hips or legs.

Pain may come and go or persistent pain is associated with posture, such as increased pain when standing and walking.

In some cases, there may be numbness, weakness in the legs, or problems with stool and urination disorders.
Diseases that are often found on the spine
Herniated disc disease
Disc herniation, a jelly-like portion that moves through a small hole. Tearing of the fibers Mainly caused by Accidents involving the back or use, such as lifting too heavy, lifting the wrong position

Spinal stenosis, nerve compression
Deterioration of the body both from age and use Cause collapse of the intervertebral disc Have enlarged spine There is thickening of the tissues around the spine.

Degenerative cervical disc
The cervical disc can be degenerated for many reasons, such as accidents, frequent neck shaking, fast and hard. Or bending over a lot for a long time

It is a common spinal abnormality. It most often occurs with children or adolescents. In the period of growth The bone line is curved to form a "C" or "S" shape for unknown reasons.

Spine disease treatment
Non-surgical treatment

Operative pain relief Pain relief method with steroid injections to reduce pain Intravenous steroid injections To reduce inflammation and swelling of the ganglia caused by herniated disc or nerve cavity.

Radio frequency is used to treat pain in the facet joints. It reduces the transmission of pain signals and reduces pain.

Inject into a facet joint or into a facet nerve. The anesthesia may be mixed with steroid drugs to the facet joints or the facet nerve suspected of causing pain.

Surgical treatment of spinal disease

Endoscopic spine surgery Surgery is performed through a high-resolution endoscope. By inserting the camera through a small incision Through the skin into the spine Benefits obtained from surgery The doctor can clearly see the abnormality, the small surgical wound, size 8 mm, the pain of the incision wound, the risk of infection is low. Reduce the destruction of good tissue surrounding the surgery area. Patients recovered quickly after surgery. You can go home within 24 hours.

Orthopedic fusion surgery from the front Treatment of diseases or conditions of herniated cervical nerve pressure. Or overlap the spinal cord Or herniated disc herniation with bone growth pressing on the nerve

Surgery to replace a cervical cervical disc Surgery using a microscope to remove a herniated disc that is pressed against the nerve Then replaced with artificial