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Usually, diarrhea or urination often slot wallet  comes during hot weather. Because the food expires faster than before There are also pathogens in food. But sometimes diarrhea comes indefinitely as well. When the weather is hot or cold, it will come unexpectedly. Until the physical exhaustion inevitably Today we invite the girls To solve the problem of symptoms by eating fruits and herbs that help relieve symptoms better. What do you need to eat to treat symptoms? Let's go and see.

1. Guava
Guava is a fruit that can be used both for fruit and leaves in the treatment of persistent diarrhea. By bringing 1 young guava, rain effect with lime juice Drink when you have symptoms Or if the leaves are to be used for treatment Choose 10-15 old leaves to scorch. Then bring it to brew drinking water Will help resolve the existing symptoms as well

2. Ruby
Using pomegranate to treat persistent diarrhea Can be used for both the fruit and its peel. In the case of using the bark to treat that symptom The pomegranate peel should be about 1/4 of the dried fruit and lime juice. Eat 1-2 tablespoons each time you have symptoms. Will help alleviate living symptoms

3. Mangosteen
For anyone who has symptoms that will not stop. Suggest to use about 1/2 dried mangosteen peel to scorch. Then put it in the rain with about 100 ml of boiled water and drink it every 2 hours, it helps alleviate symptoms as well.

4. Banana
In the part of the banana that can be used to relieve the symptoms do not stop. Choose to eat a green banana, a little yellow, eat about 1 fruit will help improve symptoms.

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5. Coconut water
The reasons why coconut water can relieve persistent diarrhea And reduce the exhaustion from the loss of water with the excretion Because coconut water is high in minerals that are essential to the body. More importantly, the body is able to absorb mineral salt and glucose from coconut water and use it immediately.

6. Phatalai Panai
When the symptoms persist Andrographis leaves can be used to treat symptoms as well. Just let it dry completely, then grind it into powder, then mold it with honey. Taken as a bolus 1.5 grams at a time, take 4 times a day after meals to help gradually improve the symptoms.

7. Krachai
Treatment of transfusions does not stop with the Krachai. Should choose to use 1-2 rhizomes fresh rhizomes to roast and then rain with lime water. Eat 1-2 teaspoons each time you have symptoms.

In addition to the use of fruits and herbs to relieve the symptoms of persistent diarrhea. The use of yellow drug cover the sea. Which is a traditional medicine and is also a drug in the national list of major drugs It has properties for treating gastrointestinal symptoms and helping to relieve non-infectious diarrhea. Including the confluence drug, it is a traditional folk medicine that is classified as a national drug in the main list. That can help solve the symptoms of the shooting will not stop as well.