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Thyroid disease is a disorder of the thyroid gland that functions in the body's metabolism. But many people are still unaware of the initial symptoms. And often see a doctor for severe symptoms

Causes and Risk Factors of Thyroid Disease
Thyroid disease has no clear etiology. But medically, it is believed that genetics may play a role. Patients with this disease tend to have the same family with thyroid disease. Let's say our father has a thyroid disease. We may have more rights to thyroid than others. While taking too much or too little iodine can also be a risk.

3 thyroid diseases to watch out for
Assoc. Prof. Chatpraon Ngamukos, Department of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University Identify the 3 symptoms of thyroid disease that can occur as follows

The thyroid produces an excess of hormones. Or thyroid poisoning
Symptoms of thyroid poisoning

- trembling hands, palpitations

- Hot, irritable

- Sweat easily

- insomnia

-Eat a lot but lose weight As if it was burning all the time

- Your body weight may drop by 5-10 kg within a month, even without exercise.

Treatment can be done by taking anti-thyroid drugs for about 2 years, while in the long-term after stopping the drug must be checked again. Because many people, when they stop taking medication, are at a 70% risk of recurrence.

The thyroid produces low amounts of hormones.

Patients with thyroid disease produce low levels of hormones. Often the opposite symptoms of thyroid producing hormones are:

- rarely burns Easy weight gain Fatter quickly
- sluggish
- Cold
- constipation
- frequent sleepiness
 -A lot of sleep

Even with such symptoms But that doesn't mean Obese people must always have a thyroid. Initially, you can observe yourself from the past and present behaviors that have changed much. If found to be at risk, you should check to be sure.

It is easier to treat a low-hormone thyroid than a thyroid that produces an excess of hormones. Because it can be treated by eating thyroid hormones To bring the hormones back to balance The body is able to metabolize it normally. Most often they have to eat for the rest of their lives.

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A nodule on the thyroid gland
Symptoms that occur Patients often feel that a lump has formed on the thyroid gland. Other symptoms may not occur in the event of a thyroid nodule. Patients are often worried about whether they have cancer or not. The answer is not always necessary. To find out if it's cancerous, a nodule must be punctured into the thyroid gland to be examined. In the past, only 5% were found to be diagnosed with cancer. Other than that, it is just a normal lump that is not dangerous. Which if the cube does not affect daily life Doctors would not recommend surgery because the area contains both vocal cords. And many blood vessels But should follow the symptoms regularly

When symptoms of thyroid abnormalities are found according to the information above. Should see a doctor for immediate treatment. For faster treatment