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The benefits of "potatoes" that many people may not know.
« en: Abril 05, 2021, 11:08:35 am »

If talking about เข้าเล่นเกมสล็อต potatoes We are often used to potato chips in the form of a crunchy snack. Or French fries, which many people consider to be a bad health deterioration But actually, potatoes are more useful than we know, and they're not the villains you think.

Potatoes are a very nutritious food. The higher in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, the higher the quality of the protein from potatoes than the protein obtained from peanuts. Causing westerners to eat potatoes as food Through the process of cooked both boiled, baked, fried, fried

Which if it is a normal potato Cooked by boiling or baking Potatoes are very beneficial for health. But the cooking methods and eating habits make the potatoes dangerous. Especially people who enjoy eating potato chips sprinkled with salt. French Fries Cheese Or flavored French fries, flavoring powder, and other important flavors, frozen French fries may also contain preservatives.

Potato benefits
Medicinal properties
Helps to maintain healthy blood vessels Lowers blood pressure Reduce blood fat Lowering cholesterol Reduce high blood pressure Prevent atherosclerosis Prevent and treat anemia With iron and vitamin C contained in potato tubers. Makes the body able to absorb it easily. Iron helps the body make red blood cells better. (Potato head)

It is used as a sedative to nourish the brain because it contains vitamin B6 that nourishes the nervous system and brain. Normalized production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, GABA and epinephrine. Helps to relax, fall asleep, reduce stress, but should not eat too much. Because vitamin C can irritate the stomach Bloating (Potato head)

Vitamin C helps prevent colds. Disease of scurvy, skin care, mumps, used as a mild laxative. Because it contains galacturonic acid Helps in the compression and loosening of the intestines, detoxifies the liver, heals burns, scalds. It is a milk expectorant for pregnant mothers who are breastfeeding. Contains calcium that helps maintain bones and teeth. Peruvians also apply potatoes to their heads to treat pain. In addition, the active substances in potatoes are active against fungi and bacteria. (Potato head)

Relieve muscle spasms in people with cough. Help sleep well (leaves)

Beauty benefits
Besides, potatoes are not as fat as usual. Potatoes are also one of the foods that help you lose weight. Because potatoes are low-energy foods. It is rich in many vitamins and minerals. But eating potatoes will help you to be full for a long time, not easy to get hungry, do not eat kisses.

Potato uses In addition to the shape. It also helps with skin issues such as potatoes to slice thinly. Helps reduce dark circles under the eyes. This is because potatoes contain a type of enzyme that helps lighten and lighten their skin. Moisturize the skin By making a face mask to nourish the skin and make the skin firm Tighten pores Blood circulates well Some even used potatoes to make body lotions. Reduce dryness It also helps cleanse the skin as well.

Other industrial uses
Potatoes can be processed into a wide variety of food and non-food products, such as starch, snack, savory, glucose and dextrin. As a food additive Or used to make glue and a sticky substance It is used in the fermentation industry for the production of alcohol and citric acid, the making of rubber wheels, the making of plastics, film, oil paint, used in the paper industry. Weaving industry

Although potatoes are low energy foods. And rich in many vitamins and minerals But consuming too much is harmful Especially potato tubers with black rot scars. Green or soft This will increase the amount of this toxin even more, so avoid eating potatoes that have been stored for too long. Ingestion may cause toxic symptoms to the body. Since research has found solanine toxic to the nervous system. If the body receives a large amount It may be harmful to health, such as causing digestive disorders.

We are familiar with potato chips in the form of a famous brand of crisps. Or a slice of potato chips called french fries It is a guava that is cooked by frying (or baking in butter) as well as being garnished with various seasonings. If we consume in large quantities without control It can become a health problem such as trans fat obesity. Abnormal liver function Or the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases caused by fat, such as diabetes, high blood pressure Ischemic heart Coronary artery stenosis Fat embolism

As for the condiments We use it to add flavor to the fries like salt, seasoning powder, and various salty flavors such as barbecue, cheese, pizza, paprika, or even dipping mayonnaise. (As we call it cheese dip) is sweet and salty. Its key ingredients are rich in fat, sugar and sodium (salt) if consumed a lot.